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101 Benefits of Exercise!

101 benefits of exercise


101 Benefits of Exercise!

Do You Exercise? Even if you don’t, you must be aware how important it is for our body! The Health benefits of exercise are known to everyone and they are really hard to ignore.

If You don’t exercise, below are 101 Healthy reasons to start doing exercise! (Not necessarily in the order of importance)

1. Helps to reduce and control High Blood Pressure without medication.

2. Regular Exercise can help to lower Cholesterol levels.

3. Helps to increase Good Cholesterol (HDL)

4. Boosts Efficiency of Heart.

5. Makes Heart stronger & Healthy thereby reducing chances of coronary heart diseases.

6. Makes Heart muscles strong and flexible.

7. Increase heart contractility without medication

8. Strengthen Lungs, increase capacity and power.

9. Keep Lungs healthy by improving respiratory functions.

10. Improves cardiovascular system functions.

11. Increases oxygen supply to Organs, muscles, tissues, and cells.

12. Increase blood circulation in the body thereby supplying more nutrients.

13. Reduces chances of Stroke

14. Help prevent Varicose veins

15. Increases metabolism

16. Enhance digestion

17. Promotes healthy sweating which helps in removing toxins from the body.

18. Prevent Flatulence and bloating.

19.  Prevents Colon cancer.

20. Increase Muscular mass, giving you more strength.

21. Makes muscles stronger.

22. Protect Bone Joints.

23. Helps in Maintaining healthy cartilage.

24. Reduces Muscular tension.

25. Relieves Back pain.

26. Improves muscles stretching and flexibility.

27. Exercise helps in opening skin pores, giving you a healthier skin.

28. Improves speed and flexibility of the body.

29. Improves Brain function by increasing Blood flow to Brain.

30. Stimulates regeneration of nerve cells in Brain.

31. Improves psychological functioning.

32. Enhances memory

33. Enhances & uplifts mood.

34. Boosts sense of wellbeing.

35. Increases Self-confidence.

36. Stimulates production of pheromones making you more attractive to opposite sex.

37. Increases pain resistance by producing analgesic hormone endorphins.

38. Gives a feeling of excitement, the same feeling that you get from energy drinks.

39. Alleviates boredom, reduces stress and makes you relax.

40. Reduces Anxiety without medication.

41. Enhances mood

42. Boosts Energy

43. Improves coordination between body and mind.

44. Increases Stability.

45. Improves Body posture.

46. Decreases Negativity.

47. Reduces depression (Exercise is more effective than psychotherapy)

48. Boosts Immune System.

49. Makes Body more immune towards seasonal diseases like cold, cough, fever etc.

50. Reduces severity of Asthma and other lungs diseases.

51. Improves functions of body parts and organs.

52. Reduces urge to smoke and drink. Exercise gives a quick adrenaline rush which has the similar effect that smokers and drinkers get after consuming tobacco and alcohol.

53. Burns Excess calories

54. Enhances better utilization of calories.

55. Enhances healthy weight loss

56. Prevents gaining extra weight.

57. Burn excess fat from tissues.

58. Improves physical appearance.

59. Increases bone density, helps prevent osteoporosis.

60. Help manage Arthritis.

61. Improves sexual performance.

62. Boosts Stamina.

63. Increases sexual satisfaction.

64. Boosts sperms count.

65. Helps prevent and manage Type-2 Diabetes.

66. Controls Blood Sugar level.

67. Helps performance of Insulin.

68. Helps to ease Menstrual Cramps.

69. Increases Life expectancy.

70. Slows down aging.

71. Increases Free radicals in the body.

72. Exercise is the best antioxidant supplement.

73. Enhances Life Quality.

74. Improves productivity at work.

75. Regulates Hormonal functions.

76. Increases energy helping the body to work more without getting tired.

77. Gives you the freedom to indulge with your favorite food without worrying about weight gain.

78. Enhances your social circle

79. Improves your Fashion statement. (You can wear anything and everything without worrying about extra fat)

80. Increase Lean Body Mass

81. Helps control unhealthy Food carvings.

82. Helps prevent obesity.

83. Makes you look Healthy and younger.

84. Improves injury recovery time.

85. Makes you Happier and Social.

86. Increases Thyroid Hormone.

87. Reduces risk towards breast and colon cancer.

88. Boosts creativity.

89. Prevents Allergies.

90. Promotes Healthy Sleep.

91. It makes you a role model for friends and family.

92. Helps to Rejuvenate Body.

93. Fixes Broken DNA

94. Cures insomnia.

95. Combats body odor.

96. Makes body agile.

97. Improves Glycogen storage and consumption.

98. Makes you feel younger from inside not just look outside.

99. Lowers resting heart rate.

100. Improves Liver functionality.

101. Prevents early death due to diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

So what are you waiting for? Ain’t these enough reasons to move from the couch and do some exercise?

Stay Active, Stay Healthy 🙂


John Lincoln is Head of Editorial Staff at Remain Healthy. He is a Fitness Enthusiast, a Blogger by Passion and a Foodie. When not writing, he loves to Explore places and eat healthy food around the town.


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