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25 Fitness Facts You May Not Know, and Are Important!

25 Fitness Facts You May Not Know, and Are Important


25 Fitness Facts You May Not Know, and Are Important!

Nutrition is one of the most researched fields and almost every day a new research is conducted and 25 new facts can possibly be provided every month.

Maybe every week, who knows?

However, these are 25 facts on which you need to pay attention.


1. Citrulline is an excellent, underestimated supplement. It increases levels of arginine in the blood better than arginine, or any O supplement that can be found in the market. 6 grams is the optimal dose.


2. The nutrition before a workout is probably more important or equally important as post-workout nutrition. You have to remember that nutrients need to enter your system and increase the amino acid levels during exercise which in turn will increase protein synthesis.


3. The afternoon nap is also very undervalued. To feel refreshed, a 20-minute nap is enough, but to improve the physical recovery, you need approximately 90 minutes of sleep.


4. Many people think that breakfast is just a waste of time. However, the intake of high protein breakfast is one of the best ways to feel full and that the carbs that you eat later in the day will be stored as glycogen.


5. Maximizing the protein synthesis depends on the current increase in leucine levels in the blood. More research proves that the addition of a single dose of leucine with a solid meal is a clever trick to increase muscle mass.


6. The type of carbohydrates that you should use during and after your workout depends on your body composition. For example, if you are an ectomorph, a combination of dextrose and maltodextrin is a good choice. If you are not sufficiently defined and are sensitive to carbohydrates, cyclic dextrins are a good choice because they do not cause such an insulin spike.


7. Mixed nuts are one of the best foods to increase muscle mass. They are cheap, have many beneficial nutrients and have many calories.


8. There is no need to input mega doses of BCAA before a physical activity that lasts no more than 60 minutes. 10 to 15 grams is enough.


9. About 40 grams of casein before bedtime will increase the protein synthesis by 26% while you sleep. Another reason why it is good to use a slow digesting protein.


10. Prolonged sleep is a classic strategy of those wishing to gain muscle mass, but at least 8 hours of sleep is also essential to optimize the levels of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for reducing body fat.


11. If you crave pasta while you are on a low-calorie diet, buy Shirataki noodles, they have almost no carbohydrates and contain very little calories.


12. Every athlete should consume higher doses of vitamin D. But be sure to consume cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) rather than ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) because the first one improves the status of vitamin D in the body a lot more.


13. If you don’t gain as much muscle mass as you want, then you need to invest more time in what you consume during the day. You’d be surprised how many necessary things are (not) entered.


14. The intensity is almost always superior to longer workouts – but not over nutrition.


15. Resveratrol, green tea, and curcumin have proven to effectively reduce blood sugar.


16. If you are really determined to get the body you desire, stop looking for ways for less exercising or eating improperly. Instead, make nutrition a tool to optimize the intensity and frequency of your workouts, as well as recovery.


17. Creatine is not a modern supplement, but it is quite effective. Use it with your meals rich in carbohydrates.


18. Define/clean yourself first before you decide to become large and gain muscle. Your sensitivity to insulin will be much greater, you can eat more carbohydrates, and will look “bigger” than you are.


19. The idea that fruit slows down the process of melting fat and the reduction of weight should be removed from your mind until you are on 10% fat – so stop blaming the apples you eat as a snack as a reason/excuse for not decreasing body fat.


20. It’s not normal to be defined in today’s society. This means that you should do things that normal people don’t. You need to pack your meals; you need to ask for your food to be made a bit different than it is applied in the menu; your idea of fast food should be a protein shake, and you can’t relax during the weekend.


21. The power of omega 3 is not to control blood sugar (research shows that it has a very little effect on the sugar). It helps for many other things such as an improvement in protein synthesis, optimized melting fat, healthier heart, reduces joint pain. Consume approximately 2.5 to 5 grams of EPA / DHA.


22. A variation of different sources of food is good, but it is overestimated. Studies show that those who are defined eat the same food every day.


23. There are rumors that diets low in carbohydrates intake and high intake of fat lead to reduced sensitivity to insulin. However, the reduction is minimal, and because you don’t consume many carbohydrates, insulin sensitivity is not so critical.


24. The inflammation that occurs with intensive training is natural and a part of the process of building muscle mass. High intake of antioxidants in order to prevent this may reduce the sensitivity of insulin after training.


25. L- carnitine, and L-Tartrate can increase the sensitivity of androgen receptors and reduce fatigue after a workout. You should consume 5 grams 2 times a day.


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