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12 Superfoods You can Eat to Lower down Cholesterol Levels!

12 superfoods to lower cholesterol naturally


12 Superfoods You can Eat to Lower down Cholesterol Levels!

Concerned about Cholesterol? Either You or Your Loved one is having a High Cholesterol and You know it is a Ticking Time Bomb for a Heart Attack or a Stroke. Don’t Worry! In a few Minutes from Now, You will Discover 10 Powerful Superfoods which are Scientifically Proven to Lower down Cholesterol.

Every day our life is shrinking. Our routine becomes very much monotonous. We rush from home to office, from office to home, to parties etc. And due to this, our food habits generally suffer.

We usually eat junk food which has a large amount of bad cholesterol. And due to our packed schedule, we find it very difficult to find time for exercising or walking or working out in any form. We sit in air conditioners for the whole day, laze around and hitting the gym is a very painful thought.

This bad cholesterol gets stored inside our body and usually slows down the body. You start to feel tired and sleepy very often. A little manual work leaves you in a lot of pain.

If not controlled at the right time, it can cause heart attacks, chest pain, strokes and many other types of health complications. People with smoking and drinking habits, obesity, large waist circumference poor diet, and diabetes are at a larger risk of having high cholesterol.

Cholesterol can increase at any age, given our lifestyle these days. It has no variation based on age. Any person old or young is equally at the risk of having high cholesterol.

Cholesterol falls under three categories: low-density lipoprotein (LDL), very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) that may need medications and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). LDL and VLDL are bad for your health, while HDL is good for your health.

Superfoods to Lower down Cholesterol Levels Naturally:


1. Oatmeal 

Having a bowl of Oatmeal for breakfast every day is another simple approach to bring down your elevated cholesterol level. The high dissolvable fiber content in oats brings down LDL.

It cut down the deposition of cholesterol into your circulatory system. Fibers present in oatmeal keeps you full for long helping in avoiding unnecessary snacking.

What more, eating oats regularly is known to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes.
Eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast day by day.

You can likewise add cereal to smoothies or add it to other foods.

2. Almonds

Almonds are filled with Goodness of monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and fiber which helps in increasing Good Cholesterol (HDL) and lowers down the LDL levels.

These wonderful, healthy nuts are scientifically proven to Lower down LDL by 3 to 19 percent.

Also Read: 15 Health Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily.


3. Avocados

Avocados are a rich source of heart-healthy MUFAs, which helps in raising HDL cholesterol levels while lowering the Bad LDL. Although Avocados are full with Health Benefits, still they are high in Fat and Calories and hence should be eaten in moderation.

4. Salmon

Salmons are rich in Omega 3 Fats which are scientifically proven to keep our heart healthy. Omega 3 Fatty acids are known to increase HDL by as much as 4%.

If you don’t eat fish, you can directly consume fish oil in the form of soft capsules available with your chemist. 

5. Beans

Beans are rich in digestive fibers which is the key element when it comes to controlling blood cholesterol. Eating just 1/2 bowl of beans daily can lower the LDL by as much as 8%. Add beans to your soup, eat them as boiled or enjoy them roasted. 

6. Green Tea

Green Tea is Full of antioxidants. Apart from fighting cancer, green tea helps in boosting the HDL in Blood. Add Fresh lemon juice to your green tea and drink daily to reap the maximum health benefits.

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats that bring down Bad cholesterol levels (LDL) in blood. Replace Butter and Regular Cooking oil with Olive oil. Use it in moderation as it does contains calories.

8. Red Wine

We are giving you yet another reason to drink. Cheers! 

Studies have found that individuals with High levels of cholesterol witnessed a drop of 12% in their LDL on a regular but moderate consumption of red wine. Red wine is made from red grapes which have powerful antioxidant properties. So go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine.

9. Garlic

Apart from keeping Dracula at the Bay (just kidding) and adding a magnificent zing to your dishes, garlic is very powerful when it comes to controlling cholesterol levels. It prevents cholesterol particles from sticking to artery walls. It also prevents blood clots and reduces blood pressure apart from providing protection against bacterial infections. 

You are advised to consume 2-3 cloves of garlic daily if you have high cholesterol and to get numerous health benefits.

10. Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Delicious, ain’t they? They are healthy as well and are Good for your heart health. Studies show that Eating Dark chocolate regularly for 12 weeks showed an increase in Good Cholesterol by 24%. 

11. Margarine

Instead of regular butter, switch to margarine with plant sterols. This one simple switch can decrease your total cholesterol by almost 3%. Plant sterols are known to reduce the cholesterol absorption in the blood.


If you are already eating most of these superfoods to control your cholesterol then keep up the good work. This is awesome. But, if you are not, You must start acting now and add these foods to your regular diet.

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