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Do You Know How Stress Can Degrade Your Skin?

Do You Know How Stress Can Degrade Your Skin


Do You Know How Stress Can Degrade Your Skin?

You know that stress causes migraines, chest pains, and other detrimental health effects. What probably isn’t clear to you is how stress can cause your skin to become less than appealing as it used to be.


Stress And Your Skin

It’s no longer news to hear products claiming not only to soften your wrinkles or lighten your dark spots, but also relieve the fatigue from your skin. Stress-related skin damage and aging are real.

Here’s how stress and your skin are connected


1. Chronic skin dryness

Chronic stress can lead to chronic skin dryness. Coupled with sleeplessness, your skin isn’t left any time to recover. During these internal stresses, mostly caused by pessimism and a negative mindset,  your body becomes an easy target of free radicals which your body itself releases under stressful circumstances. Skin dryness can be overcome by exfoliation, you need to choose right exfoliator suitable for you.


2. Stress affects how your brain executes immune response which, in turn, affects your skin

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Inflammation and Allergy Drug Tests, the brain releases hormones including the corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), glucocorticoids, and epinephrine which skews the normal path your immune system takes. One of the organs more easily affected by hormonal fluctuations that act as switches of your immune response is your skin.


3. Acne breakouts

When you are stressed, your skin’s oil production function goes into overdrive, creating more skin oil than you need. The moist skin surface then becomes very attractive to acne-causing bacteria.


4. Dark circles and dark under eyes

 The primary reason for these eye skin conditions is busted capillaries which are present in high amounts underneath your skin in these parts. When you are stressed, blood and fluid pressure may build up and cause these capillaries to burst.


5. Enlarged Pores

When you are stressed, you experience difficulty breathing, your heart is pumping faster and heavier than normal, and your blood pressure is out of control. These conditions your pores to widen up, leaving your skin surface with a roughed up complexion that will probably also be flushed.


6. Dull complexion

The poor circulation of nutrients, including oxygen and water, give your skin a sallow appearance most likely coupled by poor fluid drainage can cause your skin to have a duller, lifeless complexion. In which case, stress is limiting the number of nutrients that are being assimilated in your blood and that are being distributed all throughout your body, including your skin. With poor nutrition, your skin cells are also unable to function optimally. You need to think about ways to reduce dull complexion.


7. Wrinkles and saggy skin

When late nights and too little sleep become your norm as a result of chronic stress, your skin loses elasticity as muscle atrophy increases in rate. Wrinkles and fine lines then appear.



How To De-Stress Your Skin

It is therefore impossible to resolve stress that is degrading your skin by simply trusting an Instantly Ageless review. Instead, you need a more holistic approach to de-stress your skin. Here are some tips you can follow:


1. Practice positive thinking

Some people seem like they are born with it but, truth is, everybody can master this mindset. When you learn to look at things in a brighter light, you stop anticipating doomsday apocalyptic scenarios, and start helping your skin heal and rejuvenate itself.


2. Give it the basic care it needs

Cleanse, tone and moisturize day and night, without fail but, take note not to cleanse and tone more than twice every day or, it will zap out the good oils in your skin.


3. Go beyond the basics

Spoil your skin several times a week with a mask. Every day, see how you can add highly concentrated serums and essences to your routine.


4. Avoid stressors when you can

In many cases, it cannot be avoided but, if possible, don’t engage. It could possibly be a better advice than having you search an Instantly Ageless review.


5. Create a healthier version of you

To beat stress better, you need to eat healthily, workout regularly, and sleep well on a regular basis.



 It could be the long commute, the high-level presentation due tomorrow or, that unresolved issue you have with your mom that is causing you so much stress. These days, even the gadgets that you monitor and the changing nature of work are adding even more stress. Rather than eliminate stressors, therefore, you should learn to rise above it — and, if the achievement of your beautiful skin is the motivation then, so be it.


Angina has completed her M.A. in literature. She is a skincare and beauty expert who is passionate to share insights related to beauty and skin care with the readers. She has been working in this niche since 5 years. Her passion is to help people to make the correct selection when it comes to skin care.

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