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Internal Bleeding – Facts, Causes, Symptoms and How to Heal using Natural Remedies

internal bleeding


Internal Bleeding – Facts, Causes, Symptoms and How to Heal using Natural Remedies

What is Internal Bleeding?

In the perception of the general public, internal bleeding indicates the bleeding which cannot be observed from outside of your body. However, in term of medical personnel, they will use other terms which can indicate more precisely the position in which the bleeding occurs inside your body.

There are various places which internal bleeding can occur such as organs, tissues, body’s cavities like head, abdomen, chest and spinal canal. Several other locations can the tissues of joints, muscles, and heart as well as your eyes.

If the bleeding occurs on the outside of your body, it would be very obvious. The causes can be laceration, abrasion or puncture and of course, there will be blood streaming out of your body. It is due to the rich supply of blood on the face and scalp and you might experience a massive loss of blood if the bleeding happens there.

On the other hands, internal bleeding is much harder to identify. There might be no evidence for many hours following the occurrence and the symptoms might only surface in case there is a significant loss of blood or the blood clot is too large which leads to the compress on an organ and make the organ become malfunction.

The occurrence of internal bleeding usually comes from the damage to the veins or arteries which make blood leak out of the circulatory system and start accumulating inside your body. The bleeding amount will be depended upon the organ’s damage, the organ’s blood vessels as well as the ability of your body in repairing the damage to the blood vessels.

The available repair mechanisms are consist of the blood clotting system and spasm ability of the blood vessels so that the flow of blood toward the injured area can be reduced.

Therefore, people who take medications for anti-clotting or blood-thinning are even more vulnerable to internal bleeding. Those people might suffer massive bleeding with just some minor illnesses or injuries. That is why you need to consider the risk of internal bleeding in case you need to take medication as there needs to be balanced. Moreover, many diseases nowadays are prescribed with medications that include blood-thinning effect.

Also, there are people who are born with genetic errors in the blood clotting system and those people might experience major bleeding from just minor injuries. Such disorders can be found in the people who are diagnosed with von Willebrand and Hemophilia disease.


What are the Causes of Internal Bleeding?

As the matter of fact, internal bleeding might happen due to just any significant injury physically. There are 2 main categories of trauma, and internal bleeding can be triggered by either of them.


Blunt trauma

This type of trauma occurs due to the collision between the body’s parts and other objects, often with high speed. In that case, the blood vessels will be crushed and torn by that blunt object or the shear force itself.


Penetrating trauma

As the name may sound, this situation occurs when your body is penetrated by the foreign object, making a hole in the blood vessels. For instance, there can be stabbings, falling on some kinds of sharp object or even wounds from gunshots.

Trauma, as well as internal bleeding, can occur on nearly any blood vessel or organ. There are several cases of severe internal bleeding which is caused by trauma.

  • Internal bleeding from head trauma (intracranial hemorrhage)
  • Lung bleeding (hemothorax)
  • Heart bleeding (cardiac tamponade and hemopericardium)
  • The large blood vessels near the body’s center are torn (inferior and superior vena cava, aorta as well as their major branches)
  • Spleen lacerations, liver or other organs’ perforation are damaged due to trauma onto the abdomen.


What are the Symptoms of Internal Bleeding?

Throughout most cases of internal bleeding which is resulted from trauma, the serious injury is often obvious. It is normal for people to seek medical help immediately due to immense pain.

Occasionally, internal bleeding can happen due to less serious trauma. However, if the bleeding does not stop, there will be symptoms which will gradually get worse. The symptoms will depend on which type of trauma as well as which part of your body involved.

  • Swelling or pain in the abdomen can be triggered due to internal bleeding that is resulted from spleen or liver. Those symptoms might worsen if the bleeding does not stop.
  • Fainting, dizziness or lightheadedness can come from just any types of internal bleeding in case there is sufficient loss amount of blood.
  • Pain in the leg, tightness, and swelling can come from internal bleeding inside your thigh. Usually, it can be caused by thigh bone’s fracture.
  • Loss of consciousness as well as a headache that can come from brain’s internal bleeding.

You should treat just any of those signs which can cause internal bleeding as a medical emergency. Also, the injured person will need to be checked in the emergency room of the hospital.


Treatments of Internal Bleeding

First of all, internal bleeding is not supposed to be treated by yourself at home, unless the patient is released after being checked carefully at a medical facility. These natural treatments for internal bleeding should only be applied for the minor cases of internal bleeding.



1. Wild Geranium

This is the type of herb that is usually well-recommended in term of healing internal bleeding.

The main benefit of wild geranium lies in the roots as it can not only heal the internal bleeding but also treat other conditions such as gastrointestinal problems, gum diseases, hemorrhoids, and diarrhea. There is a significant amount of tannins in its roots as well as a styptic and astringent.

But you need to bear in mind that never uses the roots of wild geranium on pregnant or constipated people because there will be unexpected negative effects.


2. Birthroot

With an abundance of saponins as well as tannins together with anti-hemorrhagic and anti-inflammatory effects, it is no doubt that birthroot is suggested for the treatment of not only hemorrhage, bowel problems but also excessive menstrual bleeding.

According to the scientists, birthroot is actually very beneficial at ceasing internal bleeding due to uterine prolapse, menopausal bleeding, and fibroids. Also similar to wild geranium, this herb should not be used for pregnant women.


3. Yarrow

Since ancient time, Yarrow has been used to staunch wounds. Recently, this herb has been proven by scientists to be able to treat uterine hemorrhage as well as profuse menstruation.

The strength of yarrow comes from its volatile oil, tannins, sesquiterpene lactones, and flavonoids which are consist of anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. Those effects come in handy in case of internal bleeding which occurs in the bowels, bladder, lungs as well as other internal injuries.

Also, you need to check for allergy with the Aster family’s plants before deciding to use Yarrow.


4. Shepherd’s Purse

Also known as Capsella bursapastoris, this herb is an ancient treatment of both external and internal bleeding. It is all due to the herb’s capability in constricting blood vessels, thus reducing the flow of blood.

Being one of the top recommended herbs for internal bleeding, Shepherd’s Purse is specialized in urinary tract bleeding, stomach hemorrhage, ulcer bleeding and gastrointestinal tract bleeding. To be exact, it is often perceived as the remedy to go for in case of hemorrhages from lungs, stomach to kidneys and uterus.


5. Aloe Vera Juice

The reason why the juice from Aloe Vera is included is that of its capability in healing internal bleeding. Moreover, this juice also can ease your intestinal inflammation, heal your open wounds and improve the suppleness of tissues with its antiviral quality.

You can extract the juice from its leaves and remember to have ¼ cup of this juice for at least 2 to 3 times per day before meals.


6. Coenzyme Q10

This substance is acknowledged as a powerful antioxidant that can help to control the damage of free radical while promoting the tissue repair. That is why Coenzyme Q10 is suggested as an efficient solution to heal internal bleeding.

You just need 30 – 60 mg of Coenzyme Q10 as that is the appropriate amount which your body can handle. Together with Coenzyme Q10, you can also take cold-pressed oil which contains Omega-3 fatty acids in order to improve the body’s absorption.


7. Probiotic

You might have been recommended before that you need to supplement a lot of probiotic in order to stop internal bleeding.

Also, you need to remember that it is the powder-form probiotic, not the capsule one is often suggested due to the fact that capsules will not have sufficient time to completely dissolve because of the rapid transit time in the gut while bleeding.

Using probiotic, not only the symptoms of inflammatory bowel can be improved, the intestinal wall and mucosal lining will also heal while suffering internal bleeding.


8. Elemental Diet

The elemental diet is the one which is pre-digested and liquid and it has been proven to be rather helpful in case of internal bleeding. It is because the elemental diet can be an alternative option for steroids or prednisone in improve remission.

You will be able to witness the benefit of elemental diet in relieving the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, food allergic test, or resting your bowel. If you use it together with probiotic therapy, they will boost up the healing of gastrointestinal tract through the repopulation of good bacteria as well as preserve your health in the long term.

Internal bleeding can happen to you anytime from minor injuries such as bumping into objects in the house to major accidences such as collisions or fights. In a case of major accidences, you need to seek professional medical attention as soon as possible in order to avoid any further consequence. However, if the injuries are minor which leave a bruise on your skin, you can try out those natural ingredients for quicker healing.

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