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How to Get Started with a Fitness Commitment!

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How to Get Started with a Fitness Commitment!

Does looking at yourself in the mirror every single day make you repent all those years of binge eating and callous attitude towards your body? Does your favorite dress or your beloved pair of jeans not fit you anymore? Does a nasty muffin top bulge out of your shirt every time you bend?

If the answers to all these questions are “YES”, then you, my dear friend, have to make a decision. A decision that will change the way you look at yourself, the way you treat your body and way you want to continue living your life. You need to hook up to a fitness regime today, I mean really today!

You might have let yourself go, for all these years, hogging on fried snacks, aerated sodas, and desserts. Probably health was never a priority for you, or you never had the time to fit in a decent workout in your busy schedule. Check out How Adele & other celebs use Stirt diet to Lose tons of weight easily & quickly in a Healthy way!

But are we all really that busy? Can we not spare even 20-25 minutes every day for our own body? Do we have to be reminded every day by a flight of stairs that it is time to take control of your health?

Let us start with the basics. Why are you fat?

  • It is genetic you know. My mom and dad and their side of the family are all fat.

Good Play there but Genetic obesity doesn’t mean that you have no scope of losing weight and becoming fit. Genes contribute very less to obesity, and it is mostly a result of environmental and personal behavior.

  • I have never been athletic in my life.

Well… You do not have to be a conditioned athlete to lose weight. Low-Impact workouts are designed for people with zero or very little athletic conditioning to get their weight under control. There are a number of workouts that you can do, which do not require you to be Usain Bolt or Serena Williams.

  • I have a million health issues that prevent me from working out.

Work around your health issues. There is always an alternative. Can’t do high impact cardio or weight training? Switch to low impact Yoga and Pilates. There is enough variety in the workout library to keep you engaged.

  • I don’t have time for a workout.

According to studies, a good, 25-30 minute workout for 5 days a week, followed with a clean and healthy diet, is enough to see fantastic results. So you don’t have to spend hours at the gym lifting insane weights, workout for 30 minutes a day and you are done. Can’t spare even 25 minutes? Go for the old clichés. Ditch the elevator, take the stairs. Park your car, away from your office, and walk all the way to your cabin. It is the quality, not the quantity that matters in the end.

So how and what do I start with?

Different bodies respond differently to different exercises. Some might see amazing results with just 30 minutes of brisk walking, and some might just remain the same no matter the pace. It is important to first understand your body properly. Get your initial tests done. The usual height, weight, BMI and body fat percentage. This way, you know your start point and your target statistics.

If you are really serious about your Fitness then you need to track it. A great way to self-monitor your fitness & exercise progress is by using Fitness Monitors. You can easily wear them on your wrist and they will track every detail for you from stats like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed, and active minutes.


If you are a beginner, with little or no experience in physical activity and fitness, start slow. Maybe brisk walk for 15-20 minutes around your park. Incorporate walking in your daily regime. Walk to the grocery store instead of driving. Once you can effortlessly walk for 15-20 minutes, start jogging. Take adequate breaks in between. Remember; always stretch your muscles out after you jog. Keep hydrated and eat clean.

If you are at an intermediate fitness level, invest in some supplies that are great for at home workouts. A pair of dumbbells depending on your capability, a yoga mat, and Resistance bands. There are great workout programs available online which you can purchase and diligently follow to see optimal results. Pair your exercise with healthy meals to see fantastic results.

If you are on an Arnold Schwarzenegger level of fitness, pump it up at the gym. Try intense workouts like martial arts, TRX, Crossfit, and see amazing Results.

Fitness is not rocket science. It takes immense determination to commit to your fitness decisions. It is a tough journey. You will be sore, and there will be days when you will want to just quit. But remember, for the body you have always wanted, you need to put in the effort.

Once you get used to the whole idea of working out and staying healthy, you will feel the positive transformation in your lives. It will reflect not only on your body but also in your mind and soul. You will be a better person, and there will be more of you to give, for more years to come.

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