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How to Create Your Own Personalized Diet Plan & Feel Healthy!

How to Create Your Own Personalized Diet Plan & Feel Healthy


How to Create Your Own Personalized Diet Plan & Feel Healthy!

Many of us have spent countless hours pouring through the internet while trying to find a diet plan that works.

You may have tried and tested so many, and you’re starting to lose hope.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

What most diet plans fail to realize is that everybody is different and everybody is different.

This is why you should try creating your own diet plan!

Not sure how?

Don’t worry; I’m here to show you how!


Set Your Targets

Are you planning on losing ten pounds over the next two months? Are you looking to gain body mass and put on ten pounds in the next two months?

Whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, define it and know it better than you know the back of your hand.

Write it down on your phone. Write it down on a Post-It note and stick all over your house. Just make sure you know exactly what it is.

Patricia G. Yazzie, the content manager for Top Canadian Writers, shares her experience;

“When I was trying to follow meal plans online or in books, I tended to jump straight in and try and follow them. What I failed to do was realize what I actually wanted to achieve. Setting clear goals was the first step in making real change happen.”


Take Things One Step at a Time

It can be easy to think ‘okay, I’m going to cut out all chocolate, sweets, meat, dairy products, cereal, toast’ or any of those guilty pleasures you’ve known to love.

However, but cutting everything out in one go, you’re going to find it extremely hard to cope, and you’ll probably fall back into your old habits.

Instead, plan what you’re going to do and do one thing at a time.

One week you may think about cutting out chocolate. Then you can focus all your attention on cutting out chocolate. The next week, you can focus on something else, and so on and so forth.

Yvonne S. Choi, a private teacher for Best Australian Writers, continues;

“When starting my meal plan, I decided to simply cut all unhealthy food. This was a bad idea since all I did was crave it. But cutting one thing out at a time, it as much easier as you don’t think that you’re missing anything.”


Monitor Your Current Eating

Before you start thinking about creating your meal plan, you’ll want to see what you’re eating right now. For the first week, eat normally but record everything that you’re writing down.

The easiest way to do this is by creating a spreadsheet on your phone or laptop, or by using a dedicated app. You could also use an academic writing service to create one on your behalf.

Write down all the names of the food that you’re consuming, the calorie content, the fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Do it for everything you eat, every single day, adding up daily and weekly totals.


Refining Your Eating

Now that you’ve got an exact idea of everything that you’re eating, it’s time to start making a change!

Refer to your spreadsheet and look for things you can change in your eating pattern. Maybe you had a chocolate bar for a snack one morning. Why not change this to a piece of fruit?

You may have had a homemade pasta bake with loads of cheese. Why not try cutting down the amount of cheese you have?

Using this spreadsheet, you should also be able to devise a very accurate shopping list for your week. Using this shopping list, you’ll be able to buy exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Shopping online and having your food delivered is also a great way to control your eating habits since you’ll be much less likely to impulse buy. Just make sure you don’t shop when you’re hungry!


Adapting Your Meal Plan

Now that you’ve started to make changes in your meal plan continue to monitor everything that you’re eating.

You should start to see your fat, calorie and carbohydrate counts start to drop or increase, depending on whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight. In the recipes you’re cooking, look to see whether you can substitute ingredients for healthier options, enabling you to make your food a lot more nutritious.

Keep doing this over and over again, and you’ll be sure to reach your desired weight while being able to live the healthiest life possible!


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