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Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat!

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat


Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat!

Everyone loves a sleek, sexy core. It makes your clothes look better; it makes you stand tall and smart and gives you’re an overall personality boost. If you are Trying to lose belly fat, you might have noticed that despite working out in the gym for a long time, your belly fat seems to be taking a longer time than the fat on your arms and legs to melt out. Do not fret. The fat likes to stay on our belly. It is the favorite hangout spot for that extra blubber. You are not alone. It is hard, but not impossible. Low on motivation? Get some fitness motivation here!

Here are some great ways to lose belly fat and give you the body you’ve always wanted.

1. Do not try to spot-reduce

Spot-reduction is a fallacy. It is ineffective and does nothing good except giving you sore muscles in the morning. Do not try 100 different variations of abdominal crunches and hope that you’ll miraculously lose belly fat. A healthy combination of cardio and abs exercises will definitely do the trick. The cardio will burn the fat, and the abs exercises will strengthen the core muscles. Add strength training to your workout as muscle building burns fat. So do not be afraid to lift a few barbells and dumbbells at the gym. Exercise is best for Health. Read 101 Benefits of Exercise!

2. Eat clean

Consciously eat clean. Keep away from junk and fried food as it tends to accumulate as fat in areas like the stomach and thighs which is painfully hard to burn. Stick to healthy food, rich in fiber, which is easy for your body to assimilate and digest. Do not starve yourself or overeat. Include lots of protein like chicken, eggs, cottage cheese in your diet and eliminate carbohydrates like bread. Remove carbonated and sugary drinks like sodas and alcohols completely and replace them with fresh fruit juice. Eat about 5 small meals in a day, which will keep you from feeling hungry and overeating unnecessarily. Eating Healthy will help you lose belly fat a bit more sooner than you can imagine.

3. Drink lots of water

Water is the elixir of life. Drink about 8-10 glasses of water every day to flush out toxins from the body. Fresh water helps in increasing metabolism, which is helpful in burning fat.

4. Get adequate sleep every day

Our body releases a hormone called cortisol which it is stressed out which may lead to a person gaining unnecessary weight. So if you want to lose belly fat, keep yourself chilled out and relaxed. Get a good 7-8 hour sleep every day, and also during work, take small 10-15 minute breaks to keep your mind and body fresh and invigorated. Keep personal and professional life apart, and does not let stress get the better of you.

5. Switch to green tea

Green tea is very low in caffeine and has zero calories which make it a suitable drink. 5 cups of green tea during the course of the day can help you lose belly fat and keep the pounds away. Stock your cabinets in the kitchen and office with sachets of green tea of your choice. Replace your sugary coffee with green tea, and you will see amazing results. It will also make your skin glow.

6. Mix and match your workout

Your workout may not be working for you anymore. If you see no results in your tummy, it is time to switch your workout. Challenge your body. If you’ve been weightlifting for a while, try yoga. The demand for flexibility and control will challenge your body and will make the muscles work harder. The extra work will burn the calories faster and also help you lose belly fat. You can also try Hot Yoga for quicker results!

In simple terms, do not get used to your workout. Confuse your muscles with mixing up your workouts indefinite time spans and you will surely see results.

7. Do not fall for over the counter pills

Over the counter, pills seem like the best and fastest way to lose belly fat without any effort. Most of these pills are marketing gimmicks and do little or nothing in reducing belly fat. There is no better substitute than clean eating and regular workout. Steer clear from these pills as they are capable of doing more harm than good.

8. Do not blindly follow sauna belt commercials

Sauna belts were once a rage to lose belly fat easily. The weekend television slots were filled with infomercials selling them. They might look like a fancy apparatus, but the heat is extremely harmful to the skin. Close contact with heat may actually result in 2nd and 3rd-degree burns which might have a long period of recovery.

9. Ignite metabolism

A high metabolic rate is a boon for people who wish to lose belly fat. Fat metabolism aids fat loss, keeping you in shape. Try consuming foods that increase your metabolism. Proteins and fibers are great to boost metabolism. Keep away from fried, oily stuff and avoid alcohol as much as possible. If you happen to be a smoker, it would be the right time to stop as smoking absolutely destroys your metabolism. Check out How Adele was able to Lose tons of weight in a Healthy Way!

Lifestyle changes are a necessity to see results in the size of your belly and percentage of fat it stores.

Here is a list of the best exercise that you can do to lose belly fat fast.

1. Plank and plank exercises

The good old plank.  They say that if you think a minute goes by too fast, try holding a plank. A full body exercise, that engages all major muscle groups like the glutes, arms, quadriceps, and abdominals, Exercises in plank are a killer to incinerate that extra fat. Do it on your elbows or forearms, it is equally painful and effective.

The best plank exercises for the goodness of both strength and cardio are plank jacks, plank moguls, Pike ups, spider plank, plank mountain climbers and frogger jumps to begin with. They work on the belly, shaping and toning, giving you a sleeker belly.

2. Scissor crunch

Only the name says crunch. It is actually a brutal cardio move. The speed of the movement increases the heart rate and the scissor action of the core chisels the midsection. Talk about looking like a Greek god or goddess.

3. Burpees

WE CANNOT AVOID BURPEES! An all time favorite and cardio purgatory, burpees just hit every muscle of the body. Do a set of 100 burpees and you’ll be left gasping for breath. And your abdominals will be screaming for mercy.

4. Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation)

Surya Namaskar is a great way to target body fat. It consists of 12 yoga poses, which have to be held and controlled which proper breathing. The muscles contract and expand during the 12 pose routine, and a well performed Surya Namaskar will surely make you feel the burn. One set of Surya Namaskar consists of 12 repetitions. Talk about great cardio!

5. Tuck jumps

Yes! Jumps. Tuck jumps. An exercise straight from the exercise library of the devil.

Are they hard? YES!

Does it burn? Yes!

Does it make you scream and wake your neighbors up? YES!

Does it work? YES!

Tuck jumps are a killer workout. Not only do they raise your heart rate to dangerously high levels, but the conscious effort to have a soft landing, engages your core muscles making them work just a tiny bit harder.

They work wonders on the lower pooch, a trouble area for everyone who has been trying to lose belly fat. Try doing as many as you can in your first go. Honestly speaking, even three tuck jumps in your first attempt is a commendable job.

So there you go! An easy guide to losing the belly fat. Do not get disheartened if positive results are taking too much time. Stick to it and keep doing it. You will surely see a difference, and you will love the change. Patience is a virtue.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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