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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom!

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom


9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom!

It seems that no one is unfamiliar with cardamom. Facts have shown that this ingredient is such a popular spice which people in India, Nepal, and Bhutan usually use. Some research indicates that cardamom ranks the third within top 3 most expensive spices all around the world. Moreover, many scientific study outcomes have proved that cardamom consumption can lead to a number of health-supporting abilities.

In this post, you will come to know the top common health benefits of cardamom which may prompt you to add it more into your diet.

Regarding the origin of cardamom, it is believed to first appear in the Western Ghats in India many years ago. Recently, cardamom has become more and more popular, especially in Asian areas. Also, the region with tropical and humid climate is said to be an ideal environment for the development of cardamom plant. This piece scientifically belongs to Zingibercease family. It is also called Elettaria cardamomum which is divided into 2 main varieties: Elettaria and Amomum. If Elettaria refers to green cardamom, Amomum is the name of cardamom with black, white or red color. People have been applying cardamom as an effective herbal medicine for several health ailments for such a long time. According to scientists, an extensive diversity of cardamom benefits ranges from protecting the gastrointestinal system, controlling cancer as well as improving blood circulation, etc.

In fact, all of the beneficial health effects of cardamom are attributed to its containing many essential substances. In average, it is estimated that a serving of cardamom may provide people with energy, carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber which are all beneficial substance for people’s health. More importantly, cardamom is loaded with low levels of cholesterol. What’s more, cardamom is an extremely valuable powerhouse of vitamins and micronutrients including niacin, copper, vitamin C, etc.

Health Benefits of Cardamom

Following are top 9 health benefits of cardamom which are proved instantly by scientific research.

1. Anti-Carcinogenic Qualities

Undeniably, cancer is becoming one of the biggest killers which take out the death of many people. Among many kinds of cancer which happen in people, colorectal cancer is believed to be the most common. Facts have shown that a completely expensive price of treatment for colorectal cancer and its subsequent unwanted consequences have encouraged scientists to eagerly seek for an alternative. Interestingly, a study has shown that cardamom can result in the 48-percent reduction in the threat of colorectal cancer.

2. Cholesterol Levels

You may not know but one mechanism behind benefits of cardamom is its capacity of keeping cholesterol levels in check. As mentioned before, cardamom consists of an abundant source of micronutrients. To specify, these elements will help to fight against the surge of lipids inside the body system. Moreover, result from a research taken in mice has concluded that cardamom might leave good effects on the state of cholesterol levels due to a huge amount of antioxidant factors in cardamom.

3. Heart Health

To improve heart health is one of the most typical benefits which cardamom can bring about. In reality, several studies have said that cardamom intake will naturally aid in stabilizing heartbeat. Additionally, by taking in cardamom, people may effectively control hypertension – the main factor which may seriously trigger heart-related issues.

4. Depression

Generally, people usually mention its ability to serve as an anti-depressant medicine when it comes to benefits of cardamom. For long, people have to get used to applying cardamom essential oil for relaxing the activities of the nervous system. You can find out more about Home Remedies for Depression.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that cardamom is also responsible for the treatment of certain stomach disorders.

5. Gastrointestinal Diseases

As listed before, cardamom may have good impacts on the state of certain stomach disorders, one of which is a gastrointestinal issue. In reality, the methanolic extract from cardamom essential oil may take the responsibility to get rid of high acidity, flatulence, and even stomach cramps, etc.

6. Dental Diseases

For long, cardamom serves as a traditional way which Chinese people have been using to reduce the danger of many dental issues. Generally, people usually find for the assistance from antibiotics when they experience certain dental diseases. Unluckily, antibiotics may produce mixed results and even side effects.This fact has fostered scientists to continuously carry out experiments to find for an alternative to neutralize dental problems. In the end, they concluded that the application of herbal spices including cardamom is an ideal method which can meet your expectation.

Interestingly, you can use cardamom to stay away from bad breath, one of the very common dental diseases causing trouble.

7. Detoxification

Commonly, metabolism usually goes together with harmful toxins and free radicals which are so dangerous. If toxic elements are accumulated inside the body system, they may easily lead to many dangerous health ailments including cancer or premature aging. Therefore, it is necessary to flush out these elements from the body system. Interestingly, cardamom can effectively function as a useful detoxifying factor.

8. Blood Circulation

By far, the most common application of cardamom health benefits is to promote blood circulation. By smoothing blood circulation to the lungs, cardamom is capable of releasing asthma and bronchitis discomforts. In a scientific study, cardamom essential oil could show positive influence on saving blood circulation from damage.

9. Prevents Blood Clots

Cardamom is known to prevent Blood clots which can lead to Life threatening Strokes.


To conclude, cardamom is really beneficial for your health. Beside these above-mentioned benefits of cardamom, it can also support the treatment of many other problems. For instance, cardamom will serve as a stimulant to get rid of nausea sensation discomforts. Also, cardamom is good for the situation of hiccup – a commonly-seen issue in children. In almost all cases, people can consume cardamom safely. Therefore, you can include more cardamom into your daily diet without fearing.

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