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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Fish Oil

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Fish Oil


12 Amazing Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil has great health benefits which include its ability to aid in the treatment of various heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, depression, eye disorders, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, weakened immune system, diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammation, AIDS, macular degeneration, and ulcers.

It is an all-rounder when it comes to treating health related problems.


Moreover, It helps aid weight loss, have a healthy pregnancy, fertility and takes care of skin related problems also (particularly for conditions such as psoriasis and acne).

These health benefits of fish oil can be attributed to the presence of omega 3 essential fatty acids in it, like Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Some other essential fatty acids in fish oil include Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).


While fish oil poses plenty of health benefits, there is a lot of buzz around its possible applications, so do read carefully the following article to know what benefits you because all of the qualities actually are not accurate.

The manufacturers of fish oil have attempted to market it as a remedy for almost anything. In this article, we’ll explore the proven benefits of fish oil.


There are different types of fish which are a good source of oil like mackerel, salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, albacore tuna, halibut, sea bass, oysters, sardines, turbot, swordfish, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, herring, pilchards, and anchovies.

The most common fishes among these used for obtaining oil are mackerel, salmon, albacore tuna, sardines, lake trout and herring. The quality of fish oil depends on the type of fish you retrieve the oil from.


So, we suggest readers that they educate themselves fully before making an informed decision, instead of getting affected by both negative and positive points about the beneficial applications of fish oil.


Health Benefits of Fish Oil


1. Heart Health

In the clinical trials done by American Heart Association (AHA), it showed that Omega 3 is quite effective in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

Fish oil is considered to be a great source of omega 3 and therefore, it helps reduce the risk of heart diseases and heart arrhythmias. Moreover, it lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL).

Fish oil prevents triglycerides from getting accumulated and further reduce the level of excess triglycerides. Preliminary researches have shown that fish oil can also be used to prevent atherosclerosis in coronary patients. Therefore, fish oil is effective in preventing strokes and using it regularly can help avoid sudden cardiac death.

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2. Weight Loss

Fish oil also aids in losing weight. According to a study conducted by a Professor at the University of South Australia- fish oil improves the efficacy of exercise in attempts to reduce weight. Volunteers showed greater weight loss who were given fish oil in their diet as compared to those who did not regularly consume it.

So, physical exercise combined with fish oil shows a positive effect on body shape.

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3. Improved Immunity

Consuming fish oil regularly aids in boosting your immune system, thus enabling you to resist the occurrence of common diseases like colds, coughs, and the flu.

Researchers have studied the effect of fish oil and animals also and they find out that Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil boost the immune system activity. Similar research was conducted on mice at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan, also gave positive results.


4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Consuming fish oil supplements, tablets and capsules regularly are helpful to those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases.

Fish oil is effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, reducing inflammation in the blood and tissues, Celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and short bowel syndrome. In the case of Crohn’s disease patients find it difficult to absorb vitamins, fats, and essential supplements.

Fish oil supplements are an effective diet for patients suffering from Crohn’s disease.


5. Depression and Anxiety

The presence of Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil makes it a great remedy for relieving depression, anxiety, stress, restlessness, suicidal tendencies sadness, mental fatigue, decreased sexual desire, and other nervous disorders.

It has been found that countries, where fish is eaten frequently, have a low incidence of depression. Intake of fish is also a good remedy for depression. A research study also revealed that consumption of fish may be beneficial for women’s mental health and reduce the risk of developing depression in women.

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6. Eye Disorders

Fish oil well known for its ability to improve vision. Moreover, it also helps in avoiding age-related macular degeneration.


7. Alzheimer’s disease

A research conducted by Louisiana State University showed that fatty acids are effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Fish oil is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, so it is helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids is recommended to patients by The Alzheimer’s Association which acts as a defense against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


8. Skin Care

Fish oil works great for dry skin by making it shiny and vibrant. It is helpful in treating various skin problems such as skin redness, eczema, itching, rashes, psoriasis, and skin lesions. In the case of psoriasis, EPA present in fish oil restricts the growth of pro-inflammatory agents.

Therefore, one can apply fish oil topically to get relief from psoriasis.


9. Diabetes

Patients suffering from Type II diabetes are prone to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. As mentioned above, fish oil is helpful in treating various heart problems. A Research by the University of Oxford has shown fish oil to be helpful in reducing triglyceride levels in patients with diabetes as well.

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10. Cancer

Fish oil is effective in reducing weight loss problem in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. The supplements of fish oil can also be useful to patients suffering from cancer-related hyperlipidemia.


11. Hair Care

Omega-3 fatty has growth stimulating properties and it helps maintain a good luster of the hair by providing nourishment to the follicles. It is also helpful for increasing hair growth and preventing hair loss. Protein is necessary for hair growth, and since most fish varieties are rich in protein, so consuming fish helps to keep hair healthy.

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12. Blood Circulation

It has been proved and accepted that fish oil has the ability to improve blood circulation. It also reduces triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels. Well, this study has been primarily done on rats only.


Furthermore, it is also believed that fish oil also helps to prevent asthma and kidney failure. People also like to feed it to their pets

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